Running a business without metrics and measurable is essentially running blind. Cumulus Consulting has a vast amount of experience in not only helping you identify what these metrics should be, but also implementing that data collection and analytic interpretation of them.


Analytic Process



If you are looking for instant, performance and efficiency boosts the first thing to do is start measuring and capturing data. Depending on what system you’re using, we may need to help you develop some tools to aid in the capture of the information. The last thing we want to do is interrupt an employee’s efficiency by adding additional tasks to their daily job requirements. The best way to capture data in a lean environment is to capture the transactional data that needs to occur on a regular basis.

Systems like Plex help greatly with this because of the fact that it is a live, real time, data collection system. Having implemented Plex as well as some of its analytic business tools we have a great deal of experience in how to custom tailor your system configuration and implement some new exciting technology that will streamline the operation as well as aid in the data collection so that you can start to see your bottom line grow.


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