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Thanks for visiting the Cumulus Consulting Apps page. The following apps are available for purchase by anyone currently running PLEX the manufacturing cloud.

The apps available from Cumulus are unlike anything else on the market. Cumulus is leading the way with user friendly, mobile friendly and most importantly, functional applications. These Apps are a breed of their own, there's no one currently offering such a compliment to any Plex implementation.

We have spent thousands of development hours, designing, configuring and validating our apps to ensure that they interact seamlessly with Plex and the cloud. In some cases these apps are replacements for current Plex functionality, but offer a more intuitive, streamlined interface that help make your operation run more effectively and efficiently. In other cases we offer apps that help to augment the already awesome Plex offering, providing Plex customers with additional functionality that previously was not possible.

At Cumulus we believe the future of Cloud based ERP systems like Plex, are the partner offerings that will make your daily experience with your ERP software more enjoyable and more flexible then ever before! This is why Cumulus is the FIRST to market with any such offerings.


For additional information and future updates, find us in the Plex community and subscribe to our youtube channel

  • Native Mobile Apps

  • Download Cumulus Web from the app store today and start to benefit from our advanced feature sets right out of the box. This application is available in 2 flavors – the FREE version and the PAID more advanced version.

    Our FREE version provides you with enhanced functionality that leverages the modern features of devices like finger print, 3D touch, barcode scanning, popups are push notifications, etc.

    The PAID version includes our advanced features, you can print ZPL labels from iPads and leverage more power of the modern day mobile devices on your plant floor.


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  • Google Chrome Extensions

  • Cumulus Web Chrome browser extension is available in 2 versions:

    The FREE version provides all of our users with some very nice intuitive functionality when running PLEX. It includes eliminating pesky browser windows, enhancing your SQL experience , quick launch buttons for Prod or Test environments and tabbed PLEX windows in chrome.

    The PAID version is available by contacting Cumulus to Enable whichever modules you need in your PCN. With this version we have enhanced Pack to Box on the control panel, Integrated an SAT24 solution for AP and are always expanding the available features here for our users.

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  • Xamarin Shop Floor Mobility Apps

  • Using Xamarin for mobile application development we are able to create highly functional mobile apps for all device platforms and integrate with any ERP system.

    These apps are intended to extend the functionality of shop floor mobile devices to leverage modern material handling functions like RFID, Bluetooth, live user feedback. As we continue our development efforts and gain additional support we will continue to add and enhance the functionality based on our users requests.

    Use our cross platform Xamarin apps to replace your current cumbersome functionality and get the job done faster and more accurately.

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  • Address: 901 Tower Drive Suite 310, Troy, MI 48098
  • Email: Contact
  • Phone: (248) 845-4612