System / PLC Integrations

System and PLC integration has never been easier!

Cumulus Consulting is a leading ERP Implementation partner, our team has decades of experience implementing ERP software as well as real manufacturing experience. With out background we can get you up and running fast and for a fraction of the cost of anyone else out there. With Cumulus get into the new age of industrial automation.


We have built and designed numerous system integrations over the years which includes integrating multiple pieces of software to seamlessly transfer information back and forth; as well as machine integration. We have knowledgeable experts on staff to support your entire project, we have it down to a science.


Using our trusted SCADA platform, used by many fortune 500 companies we can quickly integrate anything you need. Whether you need to integrate a PLM to an ERP, Point of Sale, Employee portals, Machines to ERP, Machine to Machine, etc. We offer a single solution that is literally a 1 size fits all for your integration needs.


Cumulus is an authorized Inductive Automation integrator which means we can provide all of your licensing needs as well as training, installation, setup, configuration and support for your integration.



Multiple options available to support your needs

Our integration can be supported either On-Premise, or as a cloud based solution. Depending on what it is you need to accomplish we can help you determine the most feasible option for your application.


On Premise solutions will require some up front licenses as where the cloud solution has a lower cost of entry with only monthly subscription fees that you’ll be paying.


Check with Cumulus about your specific situation and we can point you in the best direction for your company.




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