Discipline is a word we use quite frequently throughout any project implementation or optimization. When we discuss discipline we are referring to what it takes in order to ensure accurate information and timely transactions in the system. What we’ve found by working with several companies over the years is that discipline and confidence are results of proper training. In most cases we find that customers are unhappy with their system, or available information due to improper or insufficient training of the end users. Cumulus offers a wide array of training opportunities for you and your employees in order to get the most out of your system.


Training options include remote, at our office or onsite at your facility as well as over the web. We have specialized training courses designed for different levels of the organization. From full on administrator training to the most basic operator training courses and everything in between. We work with you to develop a customized training plan based on your operations and tailor training documents to suit. By doing this we ensure continuity of information from our team to yours.

Specialty ERP Training Options


Specialty CAD/CAM Training Options


We realize when it comes to training your employees you have several options available. At Cumulus we’ve not put together just another option in our opinion, we’ve assembled the brightest and best consultants to ensure that your training efforts are optimized so you get the best value no matter which delivery method you feel would work best for you. Consider the fact that when you hire Cumulus to provide your training, you’re hiring the company that had a hand in training all the others out there.


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